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look up to sb 的意思尊敬( 某人),仰慕(某人),钦佩(某人),没有 向某人看齐的意思。 例句: I look up to my parents. 我尊敬父母。 He is a good teacher. We’ve always look up to him. 他是位好老师,我们一向尊重他。

1,抬起头看某人:look up at sb. at不能少.look up sth :查找某物,查阅.但可以说look sb up(久别后)拜访某人.2,抬起头看某人或某物 look up at sb/sth.低头看某人或某物 look down at sb/sth.3 look up to sb.尊敬某人. look down on/upon sb 瞧...

up是小品词,look up 译为向上看的时候,可以是及物词组,也可以是不及物词组,所以look up可以单独用,也可以接宾语,例如: When he looked up, he saw the bird in the sky.当他向上看的时候,他看到了天空中的小鸟。 She looked up at me bu...

look up to_有道词典 look up to 尊敬更多释义>> [网络短语] look up to 尊敬,敬仰,仰望 look up to sb 尊敬某人,尊敬,敬重某人 Look Up To God 大仰望上苍

look up to带有尊敬的意味 look up at抬头看

look sb up and down 向某人上下 look sb up and down 向某人上下

look out (for) 小心 watch out (for) 小心 wear(sb)out 使疲劳;劳累 leave out 省去;遗漏;忽略 work out(well) 很成功;结果是好的 turn out ...

refer to提到 Don't refer to this matter again, please. 请别再提这件事。 look up 查询 If you don't know a word, you can look it up in a dictionary. 如果你有不识的字,可以查字典。

Look 的常用短语:look up … in查找look back to/ upon回顾look upon…as把...help sb. out of trouble帮某人摆脱困境End的常用短语:come to an end……...

新概念英语第二册【40-46】词组40next toask sb. to do sth.someone in sth.look upbe fixed ontry to do sth.stay in sw.in despair41needn't ...

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