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python3.x try ExCEpt

except ShortInputException as x:

try: pass except KeyboardInterrupt as e: print(e) Python 3.x的Tools\Scripts目录下有一个实用工具叫2to3.py,可以在一定程度上协助将Python2中的代码移植到Python3中。

class Calculator(Exception): try: x = input('Enter the first number:') y = input('Enter the second number:') print(int(x)/int(y)) except ZeroDivisionError: print('The second number cannot be Zero') except ValueError: #int方法抛...

class ShortInputException(Exception): '''A user-defined exception class.''' def __init__(self, length, atleast): Exception.__init__(self) self.length = length self.atleast = atleast try: s = input('Enter something--->') if len(...

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